Week of September 21, 2020



  • Color by #: Periodic Table - due Friday


#11 Lesson 9 Problem Set (Use the homework helper on pg 92 to help with question 2)


Language Arts

(This assignment is connected to the work done in class today.  Please refer to the Classwork Notes file for a reminder of creating the t-chart of information used in this assignment) Write a short paragraph explaining how the things you noted in your chart effect Josh.  This writing is about how Josh’s world is changing, and how the people in his life are affecting those changes.  Include two quotes from the book(poem) that support your thesis statement.  Also, make sure to note which poem you chose (title, page number).  Use the notes you gathered from other partner groups and included in your t-chart.  The work you did with partners/other groups was to help develop your initial ideas about how Josh’s “sense of self” and “sense of world” are changing.

This assignment is to be submitted to Google Classroom by end of day 9/22/20  Mod1_Grade 8_ClassworkNotes


#12 L10 PS
***Exponent Quiz retake tomorrow at 3:05 in AER3



#13 Scientific Notation Operations practice



#14 Scientific Notation Message Decoder

Language Arts

Complete the "Concrete and Abstract Nouns" worksheet received in class today

Study for tomorrow's grammar test using the study guide that is posted on Google Classroom and here. StudyGuide_GrammarTest1_8th