Week of September 14, 2020


Social Studies

  • Write About: September 11, 2001 - due tomorrow


  • Bring in printed materials for Element Superhero Mini Poster on Thursday
  • Element Superhero Mini Poster due on Friday


  • #7 Lesson 7 Exit Ticket and Problem Set

Language Arts

Read the poem "Slam, Dunk and Hook." Look for use of metaphors. Jot notes in your journal (Response) section. Be prepared to discuss your ideas in class on Tuesday. You will receive a printed copy of the poem in class. We will read, discuss, and annotate together. After, you will complete an in-class "New-Read Assessment" of the poem to demonstrate understanding of figurative and sensory language (metaphor). You will be allowed to use your response journal as well as your annotated poem. Note three examples of sensory language use in the poem and submit the document to Google classroom  Mod1_Grade 8_ClassworkNotes    Mod1Les4_SlamDunk_Poem 


Language Arts

Read The Crossover up to page 135 ("Third Quarter") by Thursday.  It is preferred that you be at this point by tomorrow (Wednesday) if possible.


#8 Exponents and powers of 10 Worksheet


Language Arts

Reminder: Anthology setup example is due Thursday, 9/17.  See Google Classroom for example and notes.

Read The Crossover to page 135.

Review today's Classwork Notes (also posted on Google Classroom) .  Mod1_Grade 8_ClassworkNotes 


#9 Lesson 8 Problem Set



#10 pg 85 Exercise 1-6 (student's should have finished their work in class today, it would be a great night to work on any AB/IC assignments)

Language Arts

Socratic Seminar Question:  How do writers illustrate "sense of self" with vivid language?  Is poetry a better format? Why or why not?

Use the notes in your W&W journal, ideas you gained from discussion in class today after watching the Kwame Alexander videos, and anything you have NOTICED and WONDERED while reading the novel.  Be prepared to add to the conversation.