Week of October 26, 2020



  • 1st quarter report cards go home on Wednesday - envelope signed & returned by Friday
  • Chapter 17 Review - due Friday

Social Studies

  • Illustrated Bill of Rights due Tuesday
  • US Government Unit Test - Friday


  • Balancing Chemical Equations worksheet (candy worksheet) - due Thursday

Language Arts:

Study for the preposition test tomorrow. It will cover adverbs

Complete Handout 12A: Narrative Arc in "Third Quarter" and answer the reflection question written at the end of the classnotes from today's instruction (see Google Classroom for notes)


Language Arts

Continue to work on the brainstorming ideas you began in class with Handout 13A: Write Like - Occasional Poem. Be prepared to draft your poem during class time tomorrow.


Language Arts

(Make sure to complete the HOMEWORK SEGMENT of this assignment from today's classwork)

Classwork:  in the RESPONSE section of your journal, brainstorm three important events in your  life and determine what (if any) correlation exists among these events.

Homework: Write a short paragraph explaining how those events correlate to each other (or do not) and explain the coherence between the events (how they are logically connected).


Language Arts

Complete Handout 14A in your Wit & Wisdom workbook.  Prepare for the Socratic Seminar discussion tomorrow.  See class notes on Google Classroom for more information.