Week of October 12, 2020



  • Church History Pt 1 Timeline - due Friday

Social Studies

  • Socratic Seminar: Electoral College - due Friday

Language Arts

Bring in a news article (from a newspaper, magazine, online source) of your choice. Annotate the article for meaningful facts. Prepare to create a Write-Like poem with the source. Your work will be modeled on the poem "Article 1 in the Daily News (December 14)" from The Crossover (p. 155).
We will do the writing in class, but you must bring in the news article tomorrow.


No new assignment


Language Arts

Revise your work using the feedback received in class today.  Handwrite the poem onto 8.5’ x 11’ paper for turn in.  Add artwork and/or graphic images to the page that coincide with the theme of the poem.  This assignment is due at the beginning of class time on Wednesday, 10/14.  NOTE:  PLEASE BRING IN THE ORIGINAL ARTICLE WITH YOUR WRITTEN WORK.  STAPLE IT TO THE POEM.


#22 L2 ET and PS 1-2



#23 L3 PS


Language Arts

Prepare for tomorrow's preposition quiz (prepositional phrases, infinitives, imperatives)

Continue to work on anthology Framework Setup #2.  We will work on the anthology tomorrow during class time and I will check the framework for grading on Monday, 10/19.


#24 pg 34



In class students were given a handout listing any incomplete/absent assignments from this quarter. Next Wednesday 10/21 will be the LAST day to turn in any Quarter 1 assignments.