Week of November 30, 2020



  • 1st portfolio paragraph - due Friday


  • Space Science word search due

Language Arts

Vocabulary:  Wordly Wise - complete 4C and 4D

Wit & Wisdom: complete Handout 20A in your workbook


Language Arts:

Study Lesson 4 vocabulary words on Quizlet.  Prepare for the test on Friday, 12/2

Continue to work on creating your ZPD spelling list for this week.


Language Arts

  • Wit & Wisdom: Complete the planning side of the Focusing Question Task 3.  This assignment must be completed by tomorrow.  You will write your poem in class tomorrow based on the information from the FQ3 worksheet.  Poetry performance will be on Friday, 12/4
  • Vocabulary:  Continue to study lesson 4 words to prepare for the test on Friday, 12/4
  • Spelling:  Check www.spellingcity.com for this week's practice spelling list.  Continue to create your own ZPD spelling word list for this week.  You may use words from past lists.  There will be a practice test of your ZPD words on Friday, 12/4.