Week of September 28, 2020



  • Progress Report - due signed on Tuesday
  • Church History Pt 1 Unit Test - next Tuesday October 5th


  • Periodic Table Packet - due Thursday
  • Chemistry Pt 1 Unit Test - Friday

Social Studies

  • American Revolution Unit Test - Tuesday
  • Gov't & Washington's Presidency Word Search - due next Tuesday October 5th


#15 Lesson 13 Exit Ticket and Problem Set Questions 2-3



#16 Two Truths and a Lie Stations

Language Arts

Continue to work on the handout you received in class today. Assessment 7: Focusing Question Task 1 to help you formulate your List Poem.  Remember, you will need to write the poem, explain your motivation for writing each section, and provide an example of which poem in The Crossover you based your work on.  PLEASE DO NOT RUSH THROUGH THIS ASSIGNMENT. You will have plenty of time to complete the work.  THE ASSIGNMENT IS DUE ON FRIDAY, 10/2



#17 M1 Assessment REVIEW (check answers posted in Google Classroom)

Language Arts

Select one of the following quotes to write a 3-paragraph essay response to.  You must include a introductory paragraph (w/a clear thesis statement), body paragraph (include text evidence, examples), and a conclusion (restate thesis and clarify your points).

“A simple basketball move in which a player dribbles the ball quickly from one hand to the other” (p. 29)

“The preacher says, ‘A great father, son, and husband has crossed over. Amen.’” (p. 228).

“…crossing over us.” (p. 237)

SUBMISSION RULES:  This assignment is to be typed (Times Roman, 12 pt. font), include a proper heading (top right corner: name, date, “M1 L7 Writing”), and creative title in top, middle of page.  This assignment is to be turned in on Google Classroom.  DUE DATE: Thursday, 10/1 by end of class