8th Grade Portfolio Details and Checklist BINDER AND POWERPOINT DUE 5-12-2021

Due to the unique circumstances of this school year, we have scaled down the 8th grade Portfolio project.


The 8th grade Portfolio is done in two parts:

  • For the first part of the project, each 8th grade student will put together a Portfolio Binder that consists of 36 paragraphs (2 per sub-level SLE) and pieces of evidence that demonstrate their mastery of the school-wide learning expectations (SLEs). All Portfolio paragraphs will be turned in on Google Classroom & the 8th graders will have dedicated times in class each week to write and edit their paragraphs. A copy of the Portfolio paragraph deadlines checklist is attached for your reference & was given to the class. Each student will turn in 2 paragraphs per week (most will be turned in on Fridays) and all paragraphs will be entered as a religion grade in Gradelink. 

  • The second part of the project consists of students choosing 12 of their best pieces of evidence (three from each group of SLEs) and creating a PowerPoint (PPT) presentation to go along with the evidence. The PowerPoint will be used during formal presentations of Portfolio projects in May.

  • Both the binder & PowerPoint (PPT) are due Wednesday, May 12th

  • Presentations will take place on Tuesday, May 18th & Wednesday, May 19th


Click here to view Portfolio detailed instructions, checklists, and due dates!